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Go with your FLOw. Be your aMAZINg.


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The Flomazin Mission

We love the amazing sunshine state, the people, and all the positive vibes in between. Our unique style and nostalgic designs make for exciting choices of apparel and accessories, improving your day for a more perfect form of self expression.
Flomazin Lifestyle Apparel Brand encourages the pursuit of your happiness. Your life is a journey. A culmination of your choices. Some choices are leaps of faith. Having patience, reacting accordingly, believing in yourself, learning more about you, Setting time lined goals, loving what you do, enjoying this moment, being grateful, living your best life are all types of choices. Go with your FLOw. Be your aMAZINg. Your choices, your lifestyle, your brand. Life is Flomazin.
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Flomazin Logo

The Design Inspiration
Signs are an important part of our journey. They tell us where to go if read correctly. The Left side of the logo is inspired by the state road signs of Florida that represents logic just like the brain. The right is inspired by the Nike Flight collection logo that represents creativity. The right side as the "F" has the freedom to expand from it's comfort zone. The separation in between is an implied I-95 that runs north to south that splits the logo/brain in two. The outline protects these pieces just as the skull protects the brain.
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Floriginating out of the Space Coast. Melbourne, Brevard "321 Countdown" County, Florida. To see Flomazin in person click the EVENT SCHEDULE link below.
Melbourne, FL
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The Flomazin Story

Story Coming Soon....